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OX Drive Promo Code

Want to experience what it’s like to drive a Tesla electric car? OX Drive is the first in Latvia to offer this opportunity in a car-sharing format. Use the OXDrive discount code E2CVL4 and get a €5.00 voucher for your first drive.

Discount code: E2CVL4

OX Drive Pricing

Apart from the fact that OX Drive only offers Tesla cars, which are essentially premium cars, you will definitely find more fleet diversity and lower prices at CityBee.

See below for OX Drive rental prices:

Model 3 Standard RangeModel 3 Long RangeModel 3 PerformanceModel Y Standard RangeModel Y Long Range
€0.29 / min.€0.34 / min.€0.37 / min.€0.38 / min.€0.39 / min.
€9.90 / h€12.90 / h€14.90 / h€15.90 / h€17.90 / h
€69 / per day€85 / per day€105 / per day€105 / per day€110 / per day
€350 / per week€420 / per week€480 / per week€480 / per week€500 / per week
€0.10 / km€0.10 / km€0.10 / km€0.10 / km€0.10 / km

How to use OX Drive app?

To help you understand how to use the OX Drive app and get some insight into driving and charging your Tesla, here’s a quick video guide:

OX Drive Promo Code – How to use it?

1. OX Drive download

To start using the OX Drive rental service, you need to download the app on your mobile device. Download links:

2. Account creating

If you are at least 21 years old and have at least 2 years’ driving experience (category B), you can register an account and submit the necessary documents. Registration usually takes only a few minutes if you do everything according to the requirements.

To successfully register, you will need:

  • Your mobile device with working GPS and camera;
  • Driving licence (category B);
  • Credit card.

3. Where can I add an OX Drive discount code?

You can enter your OX Drive discount code when you log in to the app. Below is an image showing where to enter the discount code E2CVL4 to receive a €5.00 discount for your first ride.

OX Drive coupon code

Once you have entered the discount code, it will appear in your Wallet.

What is OX Drive?

OX Drive is the first car-sharing app in Latvia that offers its customers to rent a Tesla electric car. If you want to experience what it’s like to drive a premium electric car here in Latvia, OX Drive is the most convenient and affordable way to do it.

What are the main OX Drive benefits?

Apart from the fact that electric cars offer a completely different driving experience to conventional combustion-engined cars, the main advantages of Tesla cars are:

  • No air pollution;
  • The car is quiet and does not make unnecessary noise;
  • Tesla cars are equipped with “autopilot”;
  • You can use public transport lanes;
  • You can park your car in the centre of Riga for free (in Riga municipal parking lots);
  • etc.

What else should I know about OX Drive car sharing?

What’s the driving range for Tesla Model 3?

A fully charged Tesla Model 3 electric car can travel between 350 and 450 km, depending on the car’s configuration.

How to charge the car?

OX Drive cars come with electric charging cards that let you charge at any charging point.

What are the rental prices for OX Drive?

OX Drive car rental rates start from €0.29/min. In addition, there is no minimum on the app. If you drive for just 1 minute in a Model 3 Standard Range +, you will also pay just €0.29. For more information on prices, please visit the OX Drive pricing page.

What if the battery is close to 5%?

Please note that you need to pay attention to the state of charge of your car. If you end the rental with a charge below 5% or fully discharged, you may be fined (except if the car is left at a charging point).

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