CityBee Discount Code – CityBee Coupon

CityBee Discount Code – CityBee Coupon

Want a 5 EUR discount on your first trip with CityBee? Use the discount code below and enter it into the application when registering. Get a coupon and start enjoying the summer on wheels with CityBee.

Discount Code: F03CH

How to start using CityBee?

Here’s a little video on how to use CityBee.

CityBee Coupon – How to use it?

1. Download the CityBee app

To start using the CityBee app, you first need to download it to your mobile device. Download links:

2. Create your account and verify the required documents

When you start using the application, you will need to submit a driving license and confirm your identity. The terms of use of the application must also be approved. Once you’ve done that, add your payment card and wuola! You can enter the coupon code F03CH and receive your free trip worth 5 EUR.

3. Where can I add a CityBee discount code?

3.1. Open the app:

Open the app and go to the “Menu” section.

CityBee app

3.2. Go to E-wallet section

Go to E-wallet, where you will find a place to add a discount coupon.

Go to e-wallet

3.3. Find the discount coupon section

Go to the “Discount coupons” section to add the promo code.

Discount coupons

3.4. Click on “+”

Enter the discount code

3.5. Enter the discount coupon

Enter the CityBee discount code “F03CH” for your first free ride with CityBee and enjoy the ride.

Citybee promo code

What is car sharing – CityBee?

Car-sharing is a car rental system in which people rent cars for a short period of time, often for an hour or less. They are attractive to customers who use the vehicle only occasionally, as well as to those who want to access a different type of vehicle than they use on a daily basis. Car-sharing services typically offer a variety of vehicle types, from small economy cars to minibuses or SUVs.

The car-sharing market is evolving rapidly. The number of car users in Europe has grown rapidly and is also growing in Latvia. Try to understand for yourself how it works. Also save for your first trip with a discount coupon: “F03CH“.

What is CityBee?

CityBee is a car sharing app that can be used by anyone who has reached the age of 18 and has obtained a driver’s license.

How to begin using the CityBee app?

To start using CityBee, you need to download the application to your smartphone and create an account.

What cars can be rented in the CityBee app?

Different brands of cars can be rented in the app. For example, BMW, VW, Peugeot, Toyota and others. The fleet is constantly being supplemented with new and interesting cars. Register and use the discount code “F03CH” to receive a free trip worth 5 EUR.

What is the CityBee discount code?

The CityBee discount code that you can use to get your first trip for free for € 5 is “F03CH“.

What are the rental prices for CityBee?

The car rental price depends on the car class you choose. Rental prices start from € 0.15 / min and € 0.22 / km. Different classes of cars are available, so you can find out more about prices on the CityBee price list.

Are CityBee’s new prepaid packages better?

If you choose to drive a certain number of kilometers per day, for example, 50 km, then the new prepaid packages can be very advantageous, especially if you need to make small trips within Riga, because you can also use a large part of the parking lot at no extra charge.

Is the CityBee coupon working in Lithuania or Estonia?

Yes, you can use CityBee coupons outside Latvia as well.

The logo and name are the property of CityBee and this is not the official website of the company.

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